About us

Who Are We

Sami Raja Consultancy was founded primarily to aid entrepreneurs and SMEs to set up and expand their businesses in the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, we work closely with investment sales and marketing firms, auditors and financial advisors and private equity firms needing expert counsel on corporate structuring and strategies. Our experience in the industry has strengthened our bonds with the government departments, which ensures that we impart the most up-to-date knowledge about business intelligence to our clients.

Why Choose Us

Any new entrant into an established market will find many challenges and struggle with their business setup, control and ownership, and the beginning. Our expert and trusted council will assist you to find your way by implementing the most appropriate solution for all the individual circumstances.

Mr. Sami Raja, founder and managing director of SRC is a visionary in the field of business intelligence, corporate structuring and sales, and marketing strategies. He along with his team bring the capabilities and deep industry knowledge required to guide business to success. SRC aim at delivering dedicated support and world-class services to help you decide on the best practices needed to establish and take your business forward.

What Makes Us Unique

SRC Standards

At Sami Raja Consultancy, we don’t just set up your business. We strive to provide our clients all the right advice and business support, which earns you a distinguished place in the industry. Our counsel will help you strategize and plan your actions at every turn of your business, whenever you need it.

SRC Integrity

Our team will be at your disposal whenever you need it urgently. We promise to uphold our relationship with you and aid you in smoothening out any hassle that comes in the way of your business. Your success and satisfaction is our reward.

SRC Experience

Sami Raja Consultancy has years of experience in UAE and UK markets, playing a key role in business strategizing and planning for some of the big names across the industries. Under the efficient leadership of our MD, Sami Raja, the team at SRC has honed their skills, allowing them to help you overcome any business obstacles and provide 100% control over your company.