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Sami Raja Consultancy

We work with you to understand your company's critical needs.

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Company Formation

Sami Raja Consultancy specializes in business set up in the different jurisdictions in Mainland, Freezone, and Offshore areas. Our experience in the industry has strengthened our relationship with the government departments.

Business Restructuring

Sami Raja Consultancy offers business restructuring services by drawing a stable portfolio of financial and operational activities to build a platform for sustainable growth for our clients.

VAT Management

Our tax consultants provide clients with authentic and accurate information on every minute important issue about VAT in the UAE and advisory services that help our clients stay out of penalty and save millions in tax returns.

Financial Advisory

Sami Raja Consultancy provides expert-level financial advisory services that help businesses to pinpoint loopholes in their systems as well as identify fresh opportunities and solutions to drive greater efficiency and effectiveness in their financial operations.


More About Sami Raja

A veteran professional with a demonstrated history in the business setup, expansion, restructuring, and sales industry.

Sami Raja

An FCA qualified Stockbroker and entrepreneur with global corporate management experience in challenging and emerging markets. Sami Raja is a renowned business consultant reputed for expertly managing sales and marketing, business development, and company formation.

With 12 years experience as an independent investment marketing consultant and the founder of many successful companies within and outside the UAE, Sami Raja utilizes his expertise and extensive network to ensure seamless and efficient landing for international corporations in the region, providing client service offerings ranging from:

• Company Formation/Local Partnership
• Business Restructuring
• Tax Management
• Financial Advisory
• Consulting

Who We Are

At Sami Raja Consultancy, our best characteristic is our team of highly professional and knowledgeable individuals, who, through their hard work, commitment and clear-sightedness, continuously drive our company forward.

From new entrants to Fortune 500 corporations, we are extremely proud to be able to advise our clients in the key processes of establishing and running a successful company in the United Arab Emirates.

With our GCC root and a global reach, we are able to offer the best blend of in-depth sector expertise, a proven ability to quickly understand each client’s core business needs, and promptness in developing sustainable, tailor-made solutions.

On Behalf of the entire team at Sami Raja Consultancy, I want to reiterate our commitment to helping your business reach its true potentials by creating feasible solutions that guarantee all-round growth and profitability.

We never stop building meaningful relationships with clients as well as others in your industry. Each individual you shake hands with and the firms they represent are potential partners and collaborators. Look at your competitions from a different perspective and learn from them. Impactful business is only possible when you start thinking differently from your industry peers.

Sami Raja

If you have a business idea, evaluate it. If it can improve people’s lives, then it has business potential. Look at the market you are aiming to be part of. You will see that people are still to find a solution to a lot of things. Start at these gaps. Make them less

Sami Raja