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Sami Raja Consultancy (SRC) is an independent sales and marketing specialist. I, Sami Raja, have over 12 years of experience in investment sales. I created SRC to give other companies and individuals the opportunity to gain from my knowledge and contacts in the industry.

You can never live long enough to make all the mistakes there are to be made in business, especially sales. I admit I’ve made a fair few along the way, which I am truly grateful for. I’ve become aware of how not to do things, which has made me much stronger in terms of my business mind set and approach to new projects.

Fortunately, I have also had my fair share of successes, and have built up extensive knowledge in almost every area of unregulated investment sales. As you will see on the Services page, I am well equipped to assist with all aspects of running an investment sales company, from initial set up to daily management.

Sami Raja

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