Over 12 years experience in investment sales.

Sami Raja Consultancy (SRC) is an independent sales and marketing specialist.

You can benefit from my extensive knowledge in almost every area of unregulated investment sales, I am well equipped to assist you with all aspects of running an investment sales company, from initial set-up to daily management.


  • Company analysis - Assessing how the business is currently raising or planning to raise money, and assist with implementing strategies on ways to be more effective.
  • Individual assistance - Working closely with individual members of the sales team, I focus on areas such as management, self-motivation, sales techniques and fine tuning strengths and weaknesses.
  • Financials - Looking at the company’s profit & loss and income statements to find ways to increase profit margins.
  • Product training - Looking at product-related Information Memorandums and assisting the sales team with understanding the USPs and key areas of risk.
  • Recruitment - Assisting with finding suitable candidates for the sales team, with brief attitude training prior to induction.


  • Lead generation - Targeting high net worth individuals and sophisticated investors via PPC campaigns and SEO activities.
  • Lead analysis - Conducting ongoing analysis to bring down cost per lead and improve the overall quality and click through ratio.
  • CRM software integration - Introducing specialist software which links to online lead generation campaigns. This enables the automated upload of prospects and gives sales staff the functionality to track and monitor communications, maximising time utilisation.


  • Brand identity - Assisting with a new or existing company’s brand story, including design and copy elements.
  • Web design - Consulting on the type of site needed, the type of theme or layout wanted, and functionality requirements.

Company Formation

  • Formation - Assisting with identifying the best structure for your company, and giving guidance on certain routes to take.
  • Office - Identifying suitable office locations based on preference and budget.


  • Procurement - assisting with the on boarding of a new supplier or distributor. Compiling due diligence on the company’s integrity and ability in its specific role.
  • Negotiation - Ensuring any remuneration or commission is fair for both parties.
  • Ongoing contact - Acting as an intermediary between management, ensuring a smooth process for any instructions required.
  • Payment – Helping to ensure invoices are produced and paid on time.


  • Sales process - Monitoring the sales team’s practices, ensuring compliance with COBs standards.
  • Company regulation - Assisting the company in becoming an AR or IAR by a fully FCA regulated company.
  • Promotional material - Getting all promotional material approved under section 21 of the FSMA.

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